ABC Priority Scheme in AcePlanner Helps Quickly Schedule Important Tasks For Today

AceSoftHouse introduces ABC priority scheme support in the new major update of AcePlanner, time management and organizing software. This classification in conjunction with priority filters helps quickly review and schedule urgent and important tasks first or fill available time gaps by low priority and nice to have tasks.\r\n\r\nThe number one skill for effective time management is ability to do right things in the right time. This requires quick decision making about a next to do and if something can be postponed or skipped. This skill can be formalized with prioritization. Most popular and widely used priority scheme consists of four levels: A - Urgent and important tasks, B - Important but not as urgent as A, C - urgent tasks that can be omitted, and D - nice to have tasks and future projects.\r\n\r\nAcePlanner supports four levels priority scheme. Two weeks of a simple experiment showed interesting results. ABC-prioritization reduces stress in situations when several tasks should be addressed immediately. User can simply adjust priority while entering a task or once priorities changed. An ordered and filtered by priority list of tasks can point to few most important and urgent tasks. This allows concentrating on one task a time as well as tracking progress and time spending.\r\n\r\nAcePlanner provides a set of commonly used priority filters: All priorities, A - Urgent and Important, Important like A or B and filter that hides all low priority tasks D. "Usually at the evening, before I am going to sleep, I select "All tasks" and apply a filter for A (Urgent and Important). If nothing else should be added to this priority list I simply put them for tomorrow schedule, as many as I can finish during a day. In the morning I am able to browse all my open projects and select tasks that bring me closer to project completion. This way I can control life critical tasks, while my primary work will go on." . said Anna Fedorenko, coauthor of AcePlanner.\r\n\r\nPutting life in order is simple with ABC-priority scheme. This way Pareto principle 80/20 works. In most cases it is enough to only concentrate on 20 percents of tasks and do them good.\r\n\r\nAcePlanner software available as a fully functional 30 days demo completely free without registration and can be found on the site or downloaded directly as a single installation file:

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